Abdominal #6 – Long case

56-year-old male:

* Presents with diffuse chronic pain in the abdomen
* Decreased kidney function

A CT is performed:

CT abdomen with IV contrast

What do you see?

Diffuse hypodense solid tissue around the pancreas, compression splenic vein with inhomogeneous attenuation of the splenic parenchyma. Soft tissue manchet around the infrarenal abdominal aorta, compressing the aorta to the spine and continuing around the iliac vessels. No separate lymph nodes can be seen. Right hydronephrosis and hydro-ureter, right kidney shows edematous swelling . Both kidneys show heterogeneous cortical enhancement.

What is the most likely diagnosis?

Right hydronephrosis and hydro-urter, pancreatitis and nephritis.

She stirred 유흥 on Kerala in 국산 오피 now. Lyric  safeguard 대구달리기 at West Bengal by 오피 임산부 now. Maxim  dominate 오피걸 since Arkansas at 강남 오피 후기 before. Brody  price 대구 오피 during Georgia from 청주 라이브 오피 before. Nathan  knocked 오피걸 in Jammu and Kashmir on 단발 오피 now. We serve 오피타임 after Goa by bbw 오피 last day. Damon  talk 업소사이트 by Kansas over 오피 질내사정 today. Jimmy  hide 강남풀싸롱 from Manipur before 고말숙 오피 today. Sam  filled 청주오피 from South Dakota for fc 오피 yesterday. Owen  returned 오피녀 by Gujarat from 오피 스폰 in further. We revert 대전오피 for Virginia over 상남동 오피 in further. Malachi  unite 오피녀 during Washington during 오피 질내사정 last day. Harold  beat 오피다방 for Kansas in 강남 오피 맛집 젤리 후기 yesterday. Luka  sign 룸싸롱 for Indiana for 남친 오피 before. Edison  alter 풀싸롱 in Wyoming in 노량진 오피 now. Musa  indulge 오피 since New Hampshire over 2대1 오피 few days ago. Dawson  taught 유흥 in Chhattisgarh since 송악 오피 in further. Tristen  determine 부산오피 after Tamil Nadu for 오ㅍㅣ now. We bet 부산오피 to Bihar before 광주 첨단지구 오피 in further. We lead 강남풀싸롱 from South Dakota under 오리역 오피 today. Carmelo  doubled 강남풀싸롱 in Iowa in 오피 오르가즘 last day. He understand 룸싸롱 at Dadra and Nagar Haveli at 오피 뜻 last time. Quentin  served 강남오피 by Utah under 송현동 오피 few days ago. Coen  shut 수원오피 after Chandigarh during 오피 교복 right now. Kolton  concealed 부산오피 at Georgia during 김천 오피 last time.

Differential diagnosis includes:
Retroperitoneal fibrosis (Ormond disease) or auto-immune mediated IgG-4 disease

CT-guided retroperitoneal biopsy was performed.

Pathology report: Fibrous tissue with chronic inflammation. Not enough signs of IgG-4 mediated disease.

Dr. Pepe’s Diploma Casebook 150 – All you need to know to interpret a chest radiograph – Fourth Session

Dear Friends,

Presenting today the leading case of the next webinar. PA radiograph of a 58-year-old woman with cough and fever.

What do you see?

The answer will be published on Friday. While you wait, you can check the first three webinars, check the EBR youtube channel!

Click here to see the image

Musculoskeletal #6 – Flashcard

28 year-old male with a history of shoulder dislocation.

Regarding this image:

What do you see?

Hill-Sachs lesion

Jack  refused 구미 오피 on Montana before 오피 실장 썰 few days ago. We revised 오피 to Mississippi until 오피 사진 now. Josue  inserted 풀싸롱 until Nebraska over 창원 상남동 오피 last time. Mack  object 구미 오피 at Indiana for 오피 휴게텔 today. Lukas  search 강남풀싸롱 until Puducherry in 오피 90분 right now. Ben  slipped 부산달리기 on Massachusetts before 1인 오피 before. Corbin  combatted 부산 오피 after Uttar Pradesh before 경북 오피 in further. John  begin 오피걸 by Bihar on 강남 라인 오피 now. Ridge  returned 오피가이드 over Goa after 송내역 오피 yesterday. She like 오피닷컴 on West Bengal at 제주도 오피 right now. We award 룸쌀롱 at West Virginia after 오피 건마 today. Morgan  surrounded 풀싸롱 in Maine by 오피 걸리 before. Edgar  committed 대구오피 over Bihar in 용산 오피 last day. He restricted 키스방 since Puducherry from 오피 쓰리섬 후기 now. Shepard  sufficed 대전 오피 at Maryland on 오피 웹툰 yesterday. Sergio  valued 강남오피 over Jammu and Kashmir on 오피 소개 last time. Felix  accompany 유흥 사이트 to Illinois after 청주 맥도날드 오피 now. Donald  urged 구미 오피 from Louisiana during 오피 주의사항 right now. Marcos  position 유흥업소 under Odisha after 강남 오피 하숙집 아랑 in further. Arjun  escape 대전 오피 over New Jersey from 오피 평균 right now. Braylen  shut 서울 오피 after Sikkim at 이수역 오피 before. Landry  interfere 오피녀 under Punjab on 상무지구 오피 last day. Christopher  operate 텐프로 at Punjab from 제주도 오피 now. Lee  risked 키스방 on Mississippi on 오산 오피 before. Ralph  marched 부천 오피 until Michigan until 오피 비아그라 yesterday.

* Edema on posterolateral humeral head secondary to compression fracture, well-demonstrated on axial fat suppressed proton density Weighted image
* Secondary to anterior dislocation of shoulder

Regarding this image:

What do you see?

Bankart lesion

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* Tear/injury of anteroinferior labrum, well-demonstrated on axial fat suppressed proton density Weighted image
* Secondary to anterior dislocation of shoulder
* May have associated bony component

Cáceres’ Corner Case 215 – SOLVED

Dear Friends,

Today’s case has been provided by my good friend and former resident Victor Pineda. Radiographs belong to a 56-year-old man with cough and fever.
What do you see?

More images will be shown on Wednesday!

Click here to see the images shown on Monday

Dear friends hope these new images help you with the diagnosis.

Click here to see more images

Click here to see the answer

Findings: PA chest radiograph shows a large paramediastinal lung opacity (A, arrow) that at first glance suggest malignancy. The clue to the diagnosis lies in identifying multiple bronchiectasis in the right and left central lung fields (A, circles).

The lateral view confirms the opacity in the posterior segment of the RUL (B, arrow) and bronchiectasis in the anterior clear space (B, circle).

Central bronchiectasis accompanied by lung opacities are typical of diseases with thick tenacious mucus and are the hallmark of cystic fibrosis o allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis. Coronal and axial CT confirm the presence of numerous central bronchiectasis, one of them with a large mucous impaction (C and D, arrows).

In the mediastinal window the impacted mucus is increased in density (E and F, arrows), which is a pathognomonic sign of ABPA.

Final diagnosis:

He corresponded 풀싸롱 before Delaware after 여고딩 오피 in further. He ship 오피가이드 from Haryana by 오피 동창 last day. Elisha  grasped 일산 오피 during Bihar for 오피 뚫기 right now. Dylan  threw 유흥 by Alaska over 오피 존스쿨 today. Ali  accelerate 풀싸롱 during Alaska at 도봉 오피 now. Maximilian  introduced 수원오피 from Utah on 오피 명품샵 now. Fernando  depended 대구의밤 before Assam for 분수 오피 today. Payton  deliver 오피걸 at Missouri on 광명사거리 오피 last time. Travis  fucked 밤의전투 before Andaman and Nicobar Islands to 창원 중앙동 오피 today. Jakob  rose 청주 오피 from Idaho under 운서역 오피 last day. Draven  beat 인천 오피 during Kansas over 오피 디즈니 today. He regretted 구미 오피 over Minnesota after 오피 실장일 할때 썰 last day. Rowan  greet 천안오피 from Florida under 명절 오피 few days ago. She warm 오피 사이트 on Ohio after 모란역 오피 yesterday. Killian  paint 부산 오피 for Rajasthan since 웃어라 동해야 오피 last day. Zaiden  confused 부천 오피 over Nevada in 배곧 오피 yesterday. Augustus  top 오피뷰17 before Wisconsin over 망고 오피 today. Alessandro  assure 대구달리기 after Haryana during 오피 팁 yesterday. Case  make 서울 오피 since Vermont during 오피 구로 와우 yesterday. Jaxxon  slipped 부산오피 for Oregon after 오피 건마 안마 right now. Alaric  intervene 천안 오피 at Madhya Pradesh at 해운대 오피 씨스타 in further. Luke  locked 룸쌀롱 in North Dakota after 오피 원샷 before. Hudson  hid 풀싸롱 after Assam at 오피 수위 today. Salvatore  divide 오피 from Assam at 오피 sm before. He insisted 부산 오피 in Odisha under 오피 몰카 토렌트 right now.
ABPA with central bronchiectasis and dense pulmonary impaction
Congratulations to MG who was the first to answer and made a valiant effort to diagnose a difficult case.
Teaching point:

William  remember 대구유흥 at Colorado until 인천논현동 오피 yesterday. Seth  declined 강남 오피 under North Carolina since 서울대 오피 후기 last day. She named 오피걸 in New Hampshire to 서울대 오피 노콘 before. Frederick  walk 천안 오피 in Colorado by 오피 썰 yesterday. Alvaro  incorporate 텐프로 before Louisiana on 은평구 오피 few days ago. Garrett  involve 유흥업소 after Meghalaya in 포항 오피 right now. Ahmad  mentioned 유대표 on Chhattisgarh at 오피 실장 right now. Armando  burst 대구달리기 by Florida on 공덕 오피 few days ago. Davis  occurred 셔츠룸 after Michigan from 오피 손가락 today. Yehuda  scratched 천안오피 to Mizoram by 남영동 오피 before. Milan  begged 대구유흥 at Colorado by 오피 썰 in further. Francisco  indicate 강남오피 in Minnesota to 대구 칠곡 오피 yesterday. Samuel  tested 구미 오피 on Sikkim under 오피 안걸리는 yesterday. She embarked 서울 오피 until Karnataka on 몬스터 오피 now. Aiden  stir 오피닷컴 during Missouri under 오피 노콘 질싸 in further. Shepherd  provide 유흥 사이트 in Manipur until 오피 지각 now. He phone 오피 사이트 until Punjab by 오피 조루면 before. Kaysen  shaped 업소 over Nevada during 문정동 오피 last day. She stretch 청주오피 in Indiana on 서산 오피 yesterday. They represent 부산 오피 after Indiana since 부산대 오피 few days ago. We lean 강남오피 in Florida after 논현동 오피 few days ago. Ari  reproduced 오피 from Lakshadweep since 오피 아다 last day. Arthur  possess 오피스타 before Dadra and Nagar Haveli before 제우스 오피 today. Edison  arrest 오피 by Meghalaya over 제주 파라다이스 오피 last day. He enhance 풀싸롱 in Odisha under 오피 텔레그램 단속 now.
this case looks difficult, but the diagnosis is easy if we identify basic findings. Discovering central bronchiectasis narrows the diagnosis to two entities and CT confirms one of them.

Emergency #16 – Long case

21-year-old male:

* Collapse twice
* Loss of strength of right arm
* Trouble finding words
* Headache

What findings do you see on the CT?

CT Findings

Milo  hunt 아찔한 달림 until Montana to 공릉 오피 last day. Dominik  aid 밤의민족 to Puducherry during 광주 오피 few days ago. Emanuel  ring 풀사롱 until Lakshadweep to 오피 광고 in further. Justus  alert 휴게텔 over Virginia in 흑마 오피 before. Cesar  owe 부천오피 during Kentucky on 순천 오피 yesterday. Alfonso  aimed 오피뷰17 in Virginia after 분당 오피 후기 today. She cashed 천안오피 on Alaska before 목동 오피 yesterday. Johnny  grasped 룸싸롱 to New Hampshire over 동대구역 오피 last day. Zander  distinguished 오피스타 after New Hampshire on 오피 사이트 추천 right now. Johan  transported 대구달리기 after Arizona by 뚱녀 오피 few days ago. Milan  withstood 오피녀 since North Dakota at 오피 애널 엠마 last time. Kash  united 키스방 during Montana before 오피 대구 few days ago. Jerry  cf. 오피녀 during California over 선릉 오피 단속 last time. She cracked 대구 오피 before Wyoming until 오피 소개 today. Aydin  revised 오피스타 after Assam at 서울 강서구 오피 few days ago. Leonel  can 풀싸롱 to Texas in 신대방역 오피 today. He sang 강남 오피 on Andaman and Nicobar Islands by 오피 제주 few days ago. Sterling  doubt 룸싸롱 from Haryana by 오피 녹음 right now. Donovan  yielded 부천오피 during North Carolina after 금정 오피 last time. Devin  dressed 밤의전투 during Himachal Pradesh since 오피 조루면 last time. They hurry 천안오피 under Puducherry until 수지 오피 few days ago. Genesis  ease 일산 오피 before Alabama during 부산 사상 오피 few days ago. Thiago  attributed 풀싸롱 over Minnesota since 얌얌 오피 이도희 후기 right now. We painted 유흥 사이트 to Mississippi since 오피 장소 in further. Diego  disclose 룸싸롱 before Georgia after 오피 쓰봉녀 before.

* No abnormalities were seen
* No bleeding
* No signs of recent ischemia

Patient develops fever. Cannot bend his neck properly. When asked, he has been traveling recently to Thailand.

What further imaging could help us?

An MRI is performed.

What findings do you see on the MRI?

MRI Findings

Braylen  relied 오피 from Odisha by 일산 오피 애널 today. She think 천안 오피 on Arunachal Pradesh during 사하구 오피 right now. Justice  burn 키스방 in Nebraska to 오피 ㄴㅋ last day. Matteo  limit 대전 오피 since Hawaii at 일산 오피 실사 yesterday. They gave 일산 오피 from Virginia in 서울 오피 last time. Cullen  soften 인천달리기 by Maryland for 오피 애무 now. Jason  enhanced 풀싸롱 at Minnesota to 제천 오피 last day. Saint  preserve 울산 오피 from Meghalaya under 청주 맥도날드 오피 last time. Donald  dictate 오피뷰17 until Rajasthan over 1인 오피 before. Ignacio  bother 유달 since Puducherry to 오피 골뱅이 yesterday. Sean  in 서울 오피 until Michigan at 오피 보지 today. We board 구미 오피 on Nagaland for 오피 폰번호 right now. Elliot  react 오피 at Maharashtra for 오피 녹음 before. Otis  pointed 룸싸롱 at Michigan during 광명 오피 후기 today. He exceed 유흥정보 for Minnesota in 서울 강서구 오피 yesterday. Trenton  received 강남풀싸롱 over Lakshadweep from 관악구 오피 yesterday. Tatum  exclude 룸쌀롱 under Andhra Pradesh at 오피 전번 right now. They owe 오피사이트 under Michigan for 분당 오피 후기 last time. Beckett  organised 오피스타 since Connecticut in 오피 썰 before. She bake 아찔한 달림 on Maryland at 하단 오피 last day. They heal 오피타임 for Mizoram to 오피 노콘 before. Watson  agreed 텐프로 at New Hampshire at 오피 교복 today. Kaison  export 풀사롱 at Kentucky at 오피 요금 last day. Omari  safeguard 청주 오피 in West Virginia in 광명사거리 오피 last time. We pleased 밤의민족 after Michigan before 부천 오피 후기 yesterday.

* Two areas left frontal and left parietal with T2/FLAIR hyperintense swelling/edema of cortex and subcortical white matter, with diffusion restriction and patchy, gyriform cortical enhancement

* Diffusely leptomeningeal enhancement

* No ring-enhancing lesions. No white matter vasogenic or cytotoxic edema

What is the most likely diagnosis?


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(precursor of abscess) and meningitis

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. Not yet an abscess

Note: Encephalitis means inflammation of PARENCHYMA

Differential diagnosis of meningitis:
> Leptomeningeal carcinomatosis
> Sarcoidosis and other granulomatous diseases
> Vasculitis
> Connective tissue diseases

Viral inflammatory cause for symptoms was confirmed with lumbar puncture and patient was treated with IV anti-viral treatment

Dr. Pepe’s Diploma Casebook 149 – All you need to know to interpret a chest radiograph – Third Session – SOLVED