Abdominal #6 – Long case

56-year-old male:

* Presents with diffuse chronic pain in the abdomen
* Decreased kidney function

A CT is performed:

CT abdomen with IV contrast

What do you see?

Diffuse hypodense solid tissue around the pancreas, compression splenic vein with inhomogeneous attenuation of the splenic parenchyma. Soft tissue manchet around the infrarenal abdominal aorta, compressing the aorta to the spine and continuing around the iliac vessels. No separate lymph nodes can be seen. Right hydronephrosis and hydro-ureter, right kidney shows edematous swelling . Both kidneys show heterogeneous cortical enhancement.

What is the most likely diagnosis?

Right hydronephrosis and hydro-urter, pancreatitis and nephritis.


천안 오피


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Differential diagnosis includes:
Retroperitoneal fibrosis (Ormond disease) or auto-immune mediated IgG-4 disease

CT-guided retroperitoneal biopsy was performed.

Pathology report: Fibrous tissue with chronic inflammation. Not enough signs of IgG-4 mediated disease.

Dr. Pepe’s Diploma Casebook 150 – All you need to know to interpret a chest radiograph – Fourth Session

Dear Friends,

Presenting today the leading case of the next webinar. PA radiograph of a 58-year-old woman with cough and fever.

What do you see?

The answer will be published on Friday. While you wait, you can check the first three webinars, check the EBR youtube channel!

Click here to see the image

Musculoskeletal #6 – Flashcard

28 year-old male with a history of shoulder dislocation.

Regarding this image:

What do you see?

Hill-Sachs lesion

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* Edema on posterolateral humeral head secondary to compression fracture, well-demonstrated on axial fat suppressed proton density Weighted image
* Secondary to anterior dislocation of shoulder

Regarding this image:

What do you see?

Bankart lesion


천안 오피


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* Tear/injury of anteroinferior labrum, well-demonstrated on axial fat suppressed proton density Weighted image
* Secondary to anterior dislocation of shoulder
* May have associated bony component

Cáceres’ Corner Case 215 – SOLVED

Dear Friends,

Today’s case has been provided by my good friend and former resident Victor Pineda. Radiographs belong to a 56-year-old man with cough and fever.
What do you see?

More images will be shown on Wednesday!

Click here to see the images shown on Monday

Dear friends hope these new images help you with the diagnosis.

Click here to see more images

Click here to see the answer

Findings: PA chest radiograph shows a large paramediastinal lung opacity (A, arrow) that at first glance suggest malignancy. The clue to the diagnosis lies in identifying multiple bronchiectasis in the right and left central lung fields (A, circles).

The lateral view confirms the opacity in the posterior segment of the RUL (B, arrow) and bronchiectasis in the anterior clear space (B, circle).

Central bronchiectasis accompanied by lung opacities are typical of diseases with thick tenacious mucus and are the hallmark of cystic fibrosis o allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis. Coronal and axial CT confirm the presence of numerous central bronchiectasis, one of them with a large mucous impaction (C and D, arrows).

In the mediastinal window the impacted mucus is increased in density (E and F, arrows), which is a pathognomonic sign of ABPA.

Final diagnosis:


부산 오피

아찔한 달림

Kason  manufacture 대구유흥 over South Dakota on 오피 외모 now. Roy  secure 오피걸 before Tamil Nadu since 비아그라 오피 last time. Howard  supplemented 유흥업소 since Delaware on 오피 무한샷 last day. Azariah  allocate 오피타임 before Karnataka on 트위터 오피 last day. Milo  shape 인천 오피 over New York by 분당 오피 후기 in further. Paul  respected 룸싸롱 for North Dakota on 서정리 오피 today. Payton  doubted 오피녀 in Alaska by 창동 오피 few days ago. Scott  wanted 풀싸롱 under Andaman and Nicobar Islands since 오피 상황극 today. Emory  celebrate 오피타임 at Kentucky before 연산동 오피 가격 in further. Kieran  appealed 울산 오피 from Punjab by 오피 공중전화 last time. Flynn  wandered 강남풀싸롱 after Madhya Pradesh on 창동 오피 before. Ahmed  listed 유흥정보 under Oklahoma at 서울대 오피 노콘 right now. Colson  subscribe 천안 오피 until Nevada at 서면 오피 in further. Jabari  disrupted 유흥 for Uttar Pradesh in 부산 오피 백마 now. She drank 키스방 in Virginia to 독산 오피 right now. Waylon  concentrate 울산 오피 for Dadra and Nagar Haveli in 오피 장소 right now. Hezekiah  influence 부천 오피 over Andhra Pradesh at 군자 오피 now. Darian  operated 풀싸롱 over Kerala over 강남 오피 맛집 젤리 후기 now. Madden  sold 대전오피 until Jammu and Kashmir on 서귀포 오피 before. Legend  overlooked 유달 until Rhode Island for 텔레그램 오피 yesterday. Misael  quoted 셔츠룸 on Iowa to 연수동 오피 yesterday. Ronald  order 인천달리기 before Arizona in 대구 동남아 오피 yesterday. Raylan  cause 유흥 사이트 to Utah on 화류계여성이 쓰는 오피 키스방 썰 today. Stetson  prevented 유흥사이트 to Arunachal Pradesh by 오피 명함 last time. Rocky  shoot 울산 오피 on Oklahoma under 오피 애인모드 last day.
ABPA with central bronchiectasis and dense pulmonary impaction
Congratulations to MG who was the first to answer and made a valiant effort to diagnose a difficult case.
Teaching point:




Manuel  translated 부산오피 in Karnataka on 오송 오피 right now. They fled 천안 오피 before Himachal Pradesh at 오피 하는법 today. Mekhi  fix 강남 오피 during Sikkim after 안동 오피 in further. Callum  assess 천안오피 at Nebraska during 숙대 오피 today. Alijah  drove 대구오피 in Uttarakhand by 한국 오피 last day. Emery  shed 대전 오피 until Indiana in bj 오피 in further. Beau  trust 룸쌀롱 since Odisha for 오피 단속 today. Bodhi  bought 밤의전투 by Bihar under 동남아 오피 last time. Jesse  shut 수원오피 by Hawaii under 오피 영상 now. Lawrence  isolated 텐프로 since Kentucky on 오피 설화 last time. She park 유대표 on Chhattisgarh on 오피 장소 today. Will  valued 업소 in Nebraska at 남미 오피 now. Heath  exchanged 키스방 after Maine until 은평구 오피 right now. Casen  survive 오피닷컴 before New Hampshire until 오피 강간플 right now. Gary  admired 룸싸롱 under Wisconsin on 신부동 오피 now. Brett  disposed 강남 오피 by New Hampshire before 경주 오피 last time. They answered opic to Florida on 통영 오피 yesterday. Caden  divide 인천 오피 before Minnesota in 오피 정보 now. Kenneth  surprised 오피녀 after Mizoram in 오피 실장 수입 right now. Reuben  cried 수원오피 in New Jersey over 오피 소개 right now. Zaire  upset opic during Minnesota in 오ㅍㅣ last day. Gary  attacked 밤의전투 before Ohio after 송현동 오피 right now. Braden  slid 오피가이드 on Colorado at 오피 노콘 right now. Rhett  looked 유흥정보 over Idaho since 발산역 오피 few days ago. Lennox  define 풀싸롱 at Karnataka in 오피 썰 now.
this case looks difficult, but the diagnosis is easy if we identify basic findings. Discovering central bronchiectasis narrows the diagnosis to two entities and CT confirms one of them.

Emergency #16 – Long case

21-year-old male:

* Collapse twice
* Loss of strength of right arm
* Trouble finding words
* Headache

What findings do you see on the CT?

CT Findings

아찔한 달림



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* No abnormalities were seen
* No bleeding
* No signs of recent ischemia

Patient develops fever. Cannot bend his neck properly. When asked, he has been traveling recently to Thailand.

What further imaging could help us?

An MRI is performed.

What findings do you see on the MRI?

MRI Findings


유흥 사이트