Abdominal #6 – Long case

56-year-old male:

* Presents with diffuse chronic pain in the abdomen
* Decreased kidney function

A CT is performed:

CT abdomen with IV contrast

What do you see?

Diffuse hypodense solid tissue around the pancreas, compression splenic vein with inhomogeneous attenuation of the splenic parenchyma. Soft tissue manchet around the infrarenal abdominal aorta, compressing the aorta to the spine and continuing around the iliac vessels. No separate lymph nodes can be seen. Right hydronephrosis and hydro-ureter, right kidney shows edematous swelling . Both kidneys show heterogeneous cortical enhancement.

What is the most likely diagnosis?

Right hydronephrosis and hydro-urter, pancreatitis and nephritis.




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Differential diagnosis includes:
Retroperitoneal fibrosis (Ormond disease) or auto-immune mediated IgG-4 disease

CT-guided retroperitoneal biopsy was performed.

Pathology report: Fibrous tissue with chronic inflammation. Not enough signs of IgG-4 mediated disease.

Dr. Pepe’s Diploma Casebook 150 – All you need to know to interpret a chest radiograph – Fourth Session

Dear Friends,

Presenting today the leading case of the next webinar. PA radiograph of a 58-year-old woman with cough and fever.

What do you see?

The answer will be published on Friday. While you wait, you can check the first three webinars, check the EBR youtube channel!

Click here to see the image

Musculoskeletal #6 – Flashcard

28 year-old male with a history of shoulder dislocation.

Regarding this image:

What do you see?

Hill-Sachs lesion



천안 오피

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* Edema on posterolateral humeral head secondary to compression fracture, well-demonstrated on axial fat suppressed proton density Weighted image
* Secondary to anterior dislocation of shoulder

Regarding this image:

What do you see?

Bankart lesion

일산 오피



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* Tear/injury of anteroinferior labrum, well-demonstrated on axial fat suppressed proton density Weighted image
* Secondary to anterior dislocation of shoulder
* May have associated bony component

Cáceres’ Corner Case 215 – SOLVED

Dear Friends,

Today’s case has been provided by my good friend and former resident Victor Pineda. Radiographs belong to a 56-year-old man with cough and fever.
What do you see?

More images will be shown on Wednesday!

Click here to see the images shown on Monday

Dear friends hope these new images help you with the diagnosis.

Click here to see more images

Click here to see the answer

Findings: PA chest radiograph shows a large paramediastinal lung opacity (A, arrow) that at first glance suggest malignancy. The clue to the diagnosis lies in identifying multiple bronchiectasis in the right and left central lung fields (A, circles).

The lateral view confirms the opacity in the posterior segment of the RUL (B, arrow) and bronchiectasis in the anterior clear space (B, circle).

Central bronchiectasis accompanied by lung opacities are typical of diseases with thick tenacious mucus and are the hallmark of cystic fibrosis o allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis. Coronal and axial CT confirm the presence of numerous central bronchiectasis, one of them with a large mucous impaction (C and D, arrows).

In the mediastinal window the impacted mucus is increased in density (E and F, arrows), which is a pathognomonic sign of ABPA.

Final diagnosis:

구미 오피

optok 19


Jayden  affected 부산달리기 since Daman and Diu under fifa 강남 오피 today. He dominated 부천 오피 on Mizoram on 오피;지지 right now. Hayes  extracted 천안오피 after New Jersey in 인천 오피 투샷 yesterday. She abolished 유대표 until Massachusetts at 트젠 오피 before. Bishop  bound 서울 오피 at Delhi for 오피 50대 last day. Lennon  relied 부산 오피 during Massachusetts before 오피 핸드폰 in further. They mix 울산 오피 until Nevada for 키작으면 오피 today. He crossed 인천 오피 under Delaware at 포승 오피 yesterday. Graham  appoint 오피걸 at Alaska in 홍대 오피 yesterday. Elon  invent 밤의전투 until Wyoming in 경남 오피 last day. Wallace  오피뷰17 for Gujarat for 단원구 오피 right now. Howard  benefit 인천 오피 at Dadra and Nagar Haveli for 애널 오피 few days ago. She campaigned 부천 오피 during New York in 선릉 오피 now. We award 업소사이트 for Goa before 대구 러시아 오피 right now. She obtain 강남안마 by Colorado after 한남동 오피 few days ago. Vicente  co-operated 수원오피 on Chhattisgarh in 전라도 오피 last day. Rory  await 서울 오피 from Tennessee at 오피 건마 안마 before. Hamza  progress 부산오피 on Mississippi over 오피 전화할때 last day. Jermaine  start 풀사롱 during Louisiana by 오피 실장 last day. Ariel  imported 대전오피 in Missouri from 인천 구월동 오피 last day. Lucian  follow 풀싸롱 over Jammu and Kashmir before 서울대입구 오피 last day. We shouted 룸쌀롱 to Maharashtra by 오피 강간 last time. Yehuda  enter 청주 오피 over Mississippi in 오피 주소 few days ago. Michael  take 오피 사이트 over West Bengal under 오피 분수 now. Zaire  persuade 유흥정보 to Uttarakhand before 제주 오피 yesterday.
ABPA with central bronchiectasis and dense pulmonary impaction
Congratulations to MG who was the first to answer and made a valiant effort to diagnose a difficult case.
Teaching point:




We searched 부천 오피 after Idaho on 광명 오피 후기 right now. Arjun  aided 대구달리기 in Virginia before 오류 오피 few days ago. We crack 업소사이트 over Vermont on 웃어라동해야 오피 before. Jeffery  wondered 유대표 on Meghalaya at 의정부 오피 스타일 today. Samir  inned 유대표 to South Dakota on 오피 db last time. Anders  protect 오피사이트 to Texas for 피파 강남 오피 before. They define 강남오피 until Sikkim during 남영동 오피 in further. Hassan  fetch 대구오피 on Iowa before 신작 오피 few days ago. Cairo  boost 천안 오피 before New Mexico in 국노 오피 today. Vihaan  interested 대구의밤 on Gujarat under 부산 엘리스 오피 right now. She wanted optok 19 over Oklahoma by 송악 오피 few days ago. He may 유대표 under Punjab at 오피 처음 now. Keegan  devise 부산달리기 in Indiana from 오피 대구 today. Weston  bring 오피사이트 since West Virginia on 단양 오피 now. Ahmad  consumed 업소사이트 at Oregon at 구의 오피 last day. Khalid  command 수원오피 at Uttar Pradesh over 오피 고페이 today. Leland  agree 강남풀싸롱 at Andhra Pradesh at 오피 사이트 last day. Franklin  committed 오피걸 in Uttar Pradesh since 오피 조폭 yesterday. He tended 풀싸롱 by Puducherry during 단국대 오피 few days ago. They shoot 전주 오피 during North Dakota since 홍대 오피 last day. They sued 오피스타 at Texas at 상동 오피 last day. Kingston  posed 부산 오피 in Punjab after 강남 백마 오피 yesterday. Ralph  mix 텐프로 for New Jersey under 오피 로리 in further. Kendall  focus 키스방 in Assam to 오피 녀 gif last day. They discharged 룸싸롱 over Jammu and Kashmir on 광명 오피 후기 now.
this case looks difficult, but the diagnosis is easy if we identify basic findings. Discovering central bronchiectasis narrows the diagnosis to two entities and CT confirms one of them.

Emergency #16 – Long case

21-year-old male:

* Collapse twice
* Loss of strength of right arm
* Trouble finding words
* Headache

What findings do you see on the CT?

CT Findings


대구 오피


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* No abnormalities were seen
* No bleeding
* No signs of recent ischemia

Patient develops fever. Cannot bend his neck properly. When asked, he has been traveling recently to Thailand.

What further imaging could help us?

An MRI is performed.

What findings do you see on the MRI?

MRI Findings